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Software development and System automation

Peryod Group doesn't merely serve the firms about management consultancy and educational services. It believes that management consultancy services should not be evaluated seperately from technology and automation. Because; inside the institution, a strategic planner can get any kind of required information at any time only by means of a cleverly designed and well operating 'Management Information System'.

That is why PERSOFT develops the software solutions, engineering, web based or PC applications software quickly and efficiently when the customers need these as they are producing goods.

PERSOFT has been one of the leading companies in the software sector with its experienced and expert staff, and the successful projects that have been completed for many establishments including the multi-national ones.

It is important for PERSOFT that a company's common values and human resources are in harmony; as well as management, work and information flow and automation system being in harmony. It works cooperatively with PERCONS and PERBİL. It has an overall planning and perspective including all the departments and levels of the company. It pays great attention to finish the projects on time with the optimum cost.

PERSOFT/ Services

PERSOFT's services can be summarised under the titles below:

  • Analysis and design studies
  • The choice and design of data base
  • Developing
  • Research and development
  • Foundation and education
  • Group work practices
  • Local practice support(localisation)
  • Software maintenance agreements
  • System integration
  • Private engineering software
  • Solutions of work software

PERSOFT can provide the customers either with the software it has developed or with ready-made software packages taken from its local or foreign  solution partners; both of which are the most suitable ones when necessary. It also serves effective consultancy about the right technology and practices. The software in this category are:

  • Institutional source planning
  • Provider chain management
  • Customer relations management
  • Finance management
  • Human resources
  • Distribution automation ( electricity, water,natural gas )
  • Municipality automation
  • Automation of private finance institutions
  • Ticket reservation
  • Management of project-opportunity-customer pursuit
  • Institutional architecture and madelling period



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