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Management Consultancy and Education Services

We have to be realistic and we have to face the truth. The world is not the old world any more and we can't reach the future with our old ideas and habits. The people who controlled companies in an insensitive and fatalistic way are left in history. It is time to have a vision now. Being qualified or productive are not enough to be successful. Because quality isn't a myth any more. It has become an ordinary promise that everyone makes. Nowadays; becoming different, novelty, reassurance of the brand, design and being natural are among the mentioned management concepts. Global competition is threatening not only the traditional managers but also the educated ones. That is way the books of management consultants are always in the bestseller lists or the international CEOs are looking for the secrets of more refined management techniques.

Everyone is thinking about the ways of drawing the attention of the customers and accordingly being the first to reach the strategic information in the race of earning more. Surely they are right. Because in today's global economy; information can be a company's  greatest advantage of rivalry. This trend is confirmed by some of the companies that see information equal to the things in their balance sheets.

We feel it as our primary mission to transfer the dynamics of the new world and new economy to our establishments. We are teaching them to think big, to be more competitive in the national and international levels and to be successful. We don't just explain them some facts; we also have the same target and we are in cooperation with them in order to get rid of their problems. We are not merely on the side of information and thoughts. We deal with practices, too.We support our customers until they reach their aims.

We provide our customers with 6 main services:

  1. General management consultancy
  2. Education services
  3. Consultancy in human resources
  4. Quality management and certificating
  5. Institutionalising in family companies
  6. IT (information technology) consultancy


  • Analysis of the firm
  • Identifying the basic values of the establishment
  • Identifying the management model of the firm
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Organisation of work and the flow of information
  • Institutional reorganisation
  • Planning of the source
  • Management of stock
  • Management of material
  • Management of movable stock
  • Developing a product
  • Marketing and sales management
  • CRM( customer relations management)
  • Foreign Trade
  • Planning the budget and finance
  • General accountancy
  • Cost accountancy
  • Purchase management
  • Financial audit
  • Organisational audit
  • IT audit
  • Quality control audit
  • Institutional communication and public relations
  • Brand management and becoming a brand
  • Investment management 


  • Institutional improvement programmes
  • Management programmes
  • Human resources programmes
  • Information technology programmes
  • Marketing and sales programmes
  • Personal development programmes 



  • Structural revision
  • The analysis of personnel profiles
  • Forming the employing period or making it better
  • Salary analysis, determining salary and bonus systems
  • Performance management
  • Educational needs analysis and planning
  • Norm staff analysis
  • Career planning
  • Planning and use of external resource
  • Defining the responsibilities
  • Forming an organisation hand book


  • Personnel profile analysis
  • The analysis of choosing and employing
  • CV bank


  • ISO 9001:2000 Studies and Certificating
  • ISO 14000 Studies and Certificating
  • ISO 18000 Studies and Certificating
  • Endeavours to get the sign of Conformance of Europe CE
  • Studies of certificating peculiar to the sector


  • Special features of family companies
  • Basic problems
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Permanence and bringing up a new generation
  • Board of management
  • Family assembly
  • Rotation planning
  • Inheritance planning
  • Emergency management
  • Institutionalising
  • Strategic planning, management and organisation
  • Management of brand
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human resources management

 6) IT ( Information Technology) CONSULTANCY

  • Structuring the periods of the work
  • Organisation
  • Design of the background
  • Institutional architect
  • Professional information technology services( ITIL, CoBIT etc.)
  • Security of information
  • IT investment analysis, planning, choosing a solution, practising and system completion
  • Structuring an IT department
  • The support to choose institutional software
  • The support to start institutional software



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Human resources
Budget and Finance
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Company Reorganisation
Brand management and advertising
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