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Computer, hardware and system support

Information systems background that an establishment has, is one of the most strategic topics to influence rivalry. Although you have the necessary information and experience; your chance to be successful will be at high risk if your information systems background can not support your targets and benefits.

To get rid of those risks; you have to keep the technology you use and your aims and needs in harmony; and you have to foresee the high cost caused by an interruption in your working period and your system.

Have you had the necessary technical analysis and estimations about your information systems background and is this data periodically renewed?

Is information efficiently shared in your company and is your network capable of providing this?

How safe is your information and communication security against potential threats?

Do you have a technology inventory and is it updated?

Do the technical employees have educational needs and are these needs covered truly?

If there aren't any positive answers to these questions in a firm, then it isn't possible to tell that there is automation and a good working process there.

PERBİL is the brand of PERYOD Group, which supports and serves you in information security, network and infrastructure services, the sale, set up and maintenance of computers. The services are given below.


Controlling, structuring and preparing a project of infrastructure

  • Examining the present infrastructure and its suitability for the standards. 

( electrical network, grounding, UPS, generator, wiring, system room)

  • Defining the active and passive elements of the infrastructure and preparing a project
  • Setting up the infrastructure within the project
  • Certifying the present infrastructure when expected.

Setting up the server

( Windows 200X server, Unix, etc.) services

  • Setting up the operating systems: Unix, Aix and Windows 200X
  • Setting up the infrastructure of Active Directory and Domain

Contractual maintenance services

  • Defining the work to be done by preparing a contract
  • Setting up the infrastructure for documentation
  • The work realised according to the control list
  • Writing a monthly/annual operation report 

Maintenance services through calls

  • Soving the problems of the received calls about documentation

The service of providing outer resource

  • Employing people according to the needs
  • Employing personnel daily/weekly/monthly/yearly


  • Forming a totally ready project
  • Choosing and setting up  hardware
  • Choosing and setting up software


  • Computer
  • Hardware
  • Accessories



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