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Software Solutions from the French Giant MEGA, Now in Turkey, Thanks to PERYOD Group….

PERYOD GROUP, having signed a distributorship agreement with the French Giant MEGA preferred by leading institutions at the international level in the institutional business architecture and process modelling areas, has included the training and consultancy services that might be needed by the customers, as well as software, into its project package.

This Agreement concluded between MEGA, with world wide references in many locomotive sectors such as finance, public, telecommunications, infrastructure, food and production and PERYOD Group to enable MEGA to enter into the Turkish Market, at the same time prescribes that PERYOD Group shall provide the necessary consultancy and support for customers preferring MEGA's products. In fact, being dependent on other countries for training and consultancy in such software projects and products of such scale accompanied serious difficulties in application. PERYOD Group's experience in management consultancy and systems, as well as in software, and its unique approach creating integrated solutions is among the main factors why Mega preferred PERYOD.

Some of more than 2000 customers using Mega solutions insuring an unbelievable productivity and speed in many companies extending over tens of sectors from company mergers to Basel II or business processes, modelling and improvement works carried out as required by preparation and restructuring; from institutional resource planning and risk management to IT architectural and technology management, can be listed as follows:

Ernst & Young
Philip Morris
France Telecom
Bristish American Tobacco
US Department of Agriculture
US Department of Transportation

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