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The experience from the international companies to international projects...

Turkey's existence among the developed countries will only be possible by the effective management of our companies and establishments and by the administrators who have a wider vision.

Since 1970; we have always confronted with three major problems in our works and projects, which firstly started with IT (information technologies) and automation projects and which we realised in different sectors and branches afterwards. The most important problem in most of our companies was the absence of a clear 'vision and strategy' and the lack of a 'system'  that depended on the common values of the establishment.

The second problem was the inadequate consciousness and false approaches in Human Resources. Not training the people who would reach a real success and who would be the main resource of competetive superiority; was a threat not only for the aims of the company, but also for the automation projects. So; no matter how important the technology and automation systems were, an effective result couldn't be taken if it wasn't supported with human who would enter data to this system and evaluate it.

Another problem was that the work and information flow order in the firms wasn't in harmony with the system and automation applications which were aimed to be realised. They even clashed with each other.

In the light of all of these necessities, we founded PERYOD GROUP in July 2000 with the mission to help our establishments have a stronger institutional structure in the global world and to guide them to reach their targets. Statistics show that the majority of people apply to different methods of treatment rather than going to a doctor and at this point we see ourselves as  doctors in a way  and we accept it as our duty to help the establishments operate in a dynamic way.

By the help of the methods that we developed by research and development studies, we analyse our customers in detail and as a result of this; we start a master operation plan( a recipe of success in other words ). We believe that the main thing is to find integrated solutions for the establishments and we serve our customers in many areas like information technologies, human resources, the operation of the board of management, the culture of working internationally, management consultancy and setting up the network and the hardware.

The success we have made with our different approach which presents information, technology and system support under a single framework shows that we are on the right way and it confirms our quality.

What do we aim?

To catch tomorrow, not today!

Coping with change and rivalry requires a serious performance in many areas like effective leadership, team work, sound strategies, strong human resources, total quality and customer satisfaction.

Almost everyone is aware of these facts and is in a competition to reach these targets. However; this awareness doesn't always bring success and we sometimes witness that the companies which seem to have a vision are also in trouble.

However; our companies are among the most important things of our country and the future of this country depends on entrepreneurs.

As a group that is aware of this reality; we have been working on the management and automation systems of establishments  for a long time and we have been finding  integrated solutions which include technology for institutional development.

We prefer a 'system' centered work that includes all periods of working, production and service rather than a problem centered work.

We are conducting a system in which everyone knows what to do and the managers focus on the future; not today. In other words; a system that depends on automation and that originates from the synthesis of information and human, human and technology according to the institutional aims and vision.

We not only aim to make the companies have information and technology, but also aim the excellence of action in all works and processes by transfering information from the person to the institution.

We want to catch tomorrow, not today. We also want to increase the profits and the market values of our customers with our power coming from new information and technologies and with our experience of business administration.

Why is Peryod different?

The ability to adapt to innovations and technology will determine the future of the companies.

Peryod is a group that was the first to understand this reality and that has structured itself according to this reality.

Peryod perceives and evaluates the tendencies of Turkey and the world well. Peryod also sees the dynamics that are necessary for the establishments to be more competitive. It doesn't have a narrow viewpoint to the customers. It presents integrated solutions.Those are not just suggestions and ideas; Peryod truly realises them.It supports them effectively with technology, system and service.

It welcomes any kind of new task; it has a dynamic understanding of product and service. It believes in permanent improvement not only for the customers; but also for itself. For Peryod; research and development studies are of vital importance and there is always a continuity in these studies.

It finds specific and particular solutions rather than unoriginal ones. It knows that all the companies and establishments are different from each other.

Its power comes from practical experience; not just from theory. The consultants and the instructors of Peryod are well-equipped and they have an academic background and an administrative experience.

It is in sympathy with its customers. It tries to view events, reasons and results through companies. It doesn't have abstract aims; they are all real and factual. It doesn't hesitate to take responsibility about the results.

It believes in becoming different; it tries to show its customers new and different viewpoints.

It believes in persuasion and cooperation. It refuses the management and change models in which participation and ownership don't exist.

It builds the consultancy services on three elements: human, system and automation; and there are institutional values in the centre of these.



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