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Electro –Mechanic Services

     GRUP PERYOD Transformer division was founded by IT professionals in year 2000 with a mission to provide professional consulting and software development services to the Electro –Mechanic Industry mainly Transformer Manufacturers.

     Our Professional team considers every order individually assessing it to ensure that the optimum realization of the client’s needs is matched by the performance of the finished product.

We provide ;

  1. Transformers Design optimization programs,
  2. Transformers Design rules regarding program (Electrical & Mechanical),
  3. Specification writing and review,
  4. Transformers project Design on specific request,
  5. Witnessing for transformer manufacturing and testing,
  6. Transformers Project Design Review,
  7. Optimizing quality costs,
  8. Optimizing production costs,
  9. Analyzing transformer problems/faults,
  10. Solving oil leakages of tanks,
  11. Production technique of hot-dip galvanizing tanks.

We are offering you various Optimization & Design programs covering all kind of transformers / reactors and applications.
GRUP PERYOD distribution and power transformer/reactor optimization programs provide you following benefits

  • Material savings,
  • Time savings,
  • No risk regarding quality of results,
  • Proven designs for manufacturing & operations.


  1. Oil-filled Distribution Transformer Up to 36 kV/4 MVA with Mineral oil, Silicone oil, Synthetic and Naturel Ester,
  2. Oil- Filled Power Transformer Up to 400 KV, 250 MVA,
  3. Oil-Filled Auto-Transformer Up to 400 KV, 250 MVA,
  4. Cast-resin Dry-Type Transformers Up to 36 KV 30 MVA,
  5. Earthing Transformer (Zigzag-Star and Star Delta),
  6. Neutral Grounding Transformers,
  7. Single Phase Transformers,
  8. Rectifier, Converter Transformer,
  9. Series, Shunt Reactors.

Specific Auxiliary Calculation Programs:

To support Design programs we are also offering following categories programs;

  • Dynamic short-circuit forces calculations,
  • Impulse voltage distribution calculations,
  • Mechanics & cooling calculations
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