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Inventory & Licence Follow-up Program - Let’S

      Let’s application is developed for management of inventories(especially computers and licences) in your firm.
  • Staff Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Embezzlement Management
  • Licence Management
  • Ticket System

SMT(Service Management Tool)

      SMT application is developed for firms that sells medical devices. By this application firms can be able to manage their processes for sales and maintenance of medical devices.

SOA (Slitting Optimizing Application)

      Basically SOA is an application for optimization of coil slicing. At the same time users can manage side processes of coil slicing like; coil information follow-up, order follow-up, stock follow-up, coil sale follow-up and subcontracted work follow-up. Also users can get various reports.

Textile Product Packaging Program

      This application is developed especially for textile firms in order to follow-up orders and shippings. Primary feature of application is minimizing faults during order entry and shipping processes.

During product boxing, products are controlled by their barcodes. By application, quantity inside the box and barcode definition is controlled so putting wrong product or wrong quantity inside the box is prevented.

Online Offering Program for Current Transformers

      This application is developed for calculation of current transformers electrical design and cost data. Both information can be instantly obtained from WEB by users.

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